SmartICS team shares the latest automation trends and cost-effective SCADA integration insights on GITEX next week

On the edge of Industry 4.0, industrial automation in every corner of the world gathers pace. Pandemic contributed to this process too, and the Middle East region is not an exception. We’ve collected some facts, why the Middle East automation is trending, and how the SmartICS solution can be used in this process. Visit our booth at GITEX next week to learn more on how to save on SCADA integration and use it more efficiently!

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Digitalization, automation and modern no-code solutions become the key theme across major end-user industries needing the perfect mission-critical control all across the world as they serve the way to reach a company’s goals faster and more efficiently. The new technologies grant companies a superiority comparing to their competitors. It is expected, that the global automation market will grow up to 216.47 billion by 2023.

The Middle East takes second place in the world list of crude oil producers (31.3 percent of the global oil production). That is one of the main reasons the region commands significant demand for critical infrastructure and mission-critical control. Other industries’ migration to the Industry 4.0 solutions is a bit slower, though the Covid-19 pandemic speeded up this process significantly.

During the global social distancing, the Middle East companies encountered the need to save their production while introducing remote work. That was the moment when one of the most important consumer demands was the IIoT-compatible systems’ ease of use, as the workers had to get used to the new conditions. For example, Leesman survey showed that 53% of manufacturing and engineering workers in the world have never had a home-working experience.

That is why automation itself, the virtualization of automation control systems along with the opportunity to have remote data access, are now observed as a key trend in the market. No code and low-code solutions take the first prize: they are convenient to implement and use, cheaper and provide almost no confusion. The integration of different industrial automation systems on a single physical server, which can be easily accessed at different locations has been adopted to reduce the overall cost for automation, as well as increase the flexibility in adopting industrial automation systems and software in the work processes.

This is where SmartICS SCADA/IIoT platform can fit perfectly. The solution was designed to cover all such needs, from traditional SCADA opportunities to the modern Industry 4.0 requirements. This is an easy-to-use solution with a user-friendly interface and convenient web access to data for any employee responsible for the processes. 

As we have mentioned before, we will showcase the solution at GITEX Technology Week 2021 in Dubai. The event starts next week, and our team is already on their way to the Dubai World Trade Center. We will be happy to meet everybody at our H2-E24 booth, share the DEMO access, and discuss the future of world automation.

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