SmartICS 3.3: a new protocol supported and expanded trend settings

SmartICS 3.3: a new protocol supported and expanded trend settings

The new version of the SCADA/IoT platform SmartICS 3.3 is already available upon request on our website. In this release, we have expanded the list of supported protocols for exchanging information with the operational dispatch control system. We also made the solution more informative and easier to configure and manage.

IEC 60870-5-104 protocol support

In the new release, we supported the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. The protocol uses local area networks (LAN) or wide area networks (WAN) to transfer data. The protocol is used to obtain data from electrical devices (voltmeters, measuring transducers, etc.) about the quality of electricity, meter readings, and state and control of machines.

The feature of particular importance for the management of engineering systems. It provides the ability to natively connect and configure professional electrical equipment for utility systems or electrical infrastructure. Thanks to a direct connection, fewer elements that could potentially fail, and fewer necessary settings, the reliability of the connection increases, and the speed of data exchange increases.


In SmartICS 3.3 we have redesigned the trends module. The new version has expanded the list of settings (color and line type) for each graph; displaying several graphs is available with the ability to configure each of them separately. We have also added a function for selecting a charting algorithm.

Changes to the trend module will make it more convenient to use it to compare comparisons of data from several sources, for different periods or different indicators. New capabilities of the trend module allow you to quickly identify patterns or associated deviations in indicators and find their causes.
You can go to the graphs of changes in an individual parameter directly from the widget.


Multi-input. Starting with release 3.3, users can log in from different browsers without being forced to log out on other devices.

Forced password change upon first login. Users are now prompted to change the password assigned by the system administrator upon first login.

Time zone in settings. You can bind the server time to the selected time zone. The function allows you to synchronize servers and users located in different time zones, for example, on distributed objects. This facilitates the correct display of data and calculation of time before events.

Try all the features of SmartICS 3.3 by leaving a request for a demo version of the solution.

If you have a project that requires the use of a monitoring system, you can submit a request. We will analyze the possibility of using SmartICS to solve your problems and calculate the cost of the license.