We have developed SmartICS — a new software platform-builder for manufacturing automation and industrial IoT

SmartICS — is an universal and flexible SCADA/IIoT software platform developed on the basis of modern web technologies.

We are glad to present you our new product SmartICS — a modern software platform for industrial automation and manufacturing digitalization.

Developing SmartICS, we created a really user-friendly platform for automating various facilities that our customers and ourselves needed when implementing system integration projects.

We always wanted to…
  • significantly reduce the system development time
  • minimize setup errors
  • simplify the process of creating and adapting the interface for different tasks and different users.
  • provide end-users with really convenient and easy access to important technological information.
Therefore, we have gathered all our 20 years of experience in system integration and developed a modern "builder" for visualization of the top level of industrial automation systems.

SmartICS  is configured without programming and scripting using an automated interface builder and dashboards. The Drag & Drop tool, the Plug & Play technology and automated widgets allow you to monitor and control the necessary parameters in a few clicks.

Automate technological processes at a manufacturing plant or other production site
Create a smart building control center for electric, heat supply, security services, etc. by automation of engineering systems
Make the industrial data more accessible and efficient by combining various units (sensors or equipment) into a single data exchange network
Improve the quality and efficiency of an enterprise’s decision making by implementing digital technologies in operation activities

Functionality and capability
  1. Data collection, processing, and storage
  2. Real-time equipment monitoring, control, and management
  3. Access to the system and data from different devices
  4. Reports creation and export

SmartICS is not the same as classic SCADA systems. What are its features?
1. Fast installation and configuration
The project development, configuration, and implementation with SmartICS is 3-4 times faster than with classic SCADA systems.
2. Fast data visualization
Visual graphics or dashboards with widgets? – Your choice! In SmartICS both options are available.
The user can choose and configure how the information will be displayed: using the widget library or by downloading a visual graphic scheme developed in an image editing software.
3. Data collection via voice radio communication channel, such as an already existing DMR or TETRA digital radio network. This reduces the cost of building new infrastructure for the collection of data.
4. Clear licensing at the system design stage, because SmartICS licensing is based not on the number of I/O signals, but on the number of connected devices. 

Using SmartICS, you can
  • Reduce the time spent on deployment and configuration by 3-4 times compared to classic SCADA systems
  • Minimize errors during the system configuration and expansion by using the automated interface builder and dashboards
  • Customize the software interface according to the individual needs and tasks of each system user    
  • Easily determine the necessary licenses during the system design stage    
  • Reduce the risk of industrial accidents by more clearly representing parameters’ deviations to the dispatcher     
  • Improve the quality of decision making by analyzing the data from SmartICS’s reports on equipment performance

You can find out more information about SmartICS on our product page.