New project! Organization of a web portal for quick access to data from automation systems

Often, different services in an industrial enterprise need access to different data. For example, the service of the chief power engineer is interested in information about the availability of power supply, the state of reclosers and electricity consumption. And the communication service – in the information about the equipment state and data transfer channels.

Automation systems for linear telemechanics of gas pipelines, created at such
enterprises, are primarily focused on the dispatcher tasks, and separate user interfaces with information relevant for them are not configured for specialists of individual services. In some cases, separate workstationsare created for specialists of individual services, but at the same time a separate license for the SCADA package is purchased for each workplace.

Therefore, even if an enterprise already has an automation system with its own SCADA system, it is more convenient and financially more profitable to use the SmartICS web portal, which will allow creating an unlimited number of users with special dashboards for each of them directly through a web browser. The web portal provides information collected from the automation system individually for each specialist. The SmartICS license package includes an unlimited number of users, so you don't have to pay for additional workstations.

The organization of such a SmartICS web portal will improve the quality and speed of individual services in the enterprise, reduce accidents and allow faster response to malfunctions.

More information about the project can be found here.