Web portal for accessing data of various enterprise services
Organization of a web portal for quick access to technological data from automation systems for specialized services of a gas transportation enterprise
Automation systems for linear telautomatics of gas pipelines, created at such enterprises, are primarily focused on the tasks of the dispatcher. Specialists of other services are only secondary users, for whom even separate memo pages and an interface with profile information corresponding to their tasks are not always created. As a result, the specialists of these services, in order to obtain the information necessary for performing their production tasks, collect it from other disparate memo pages on the dispatcher's workstation located in the control room.

In some cases, this problem is solved by separate automated workstations – for instance energetics workstation, electroprotection workstation, etc. However, as a rule, on the basis of the same SCADA package as for the dispatcher's workstation, i.e. a separate license for the SCADA package is purchased for each workplace.
To solve this problem, you can use SmartICS, which organizes a web portal in the local corporate network of the enterprise for quick access to technological data of specialized services. SmartICS collects data from the automation linear telemechanics system and then provides various users and service specialists with only the information they need to complete production tasks. At the same time, access to the necessary data will be organized directly from the workplaces of these specialists via a standard web browser. You do not need to install specialized software.

The SmartICS license policy allows you to save money significantly, since the cost of the SmartICS already includes an unlimited number of users, and you do not have to buy additional SCADA packages for specialists of various services.
How does it work?
Thus, even if the enterprise already has an automation system with its own SCADA system for managing the main technological process, supplementing it with the SmartICS web portal will significantly increase the speed of access and ease of working with data for all interested users.
What are the advantages?
Improving the quality and operation speed of particular services at the enterprise
Reducing the accident rate of specific equipment and preventing malfunctions
Improving the reliability of the automated process control system at the enterprise
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