To run SmartICS, you will need a license. Choose the most suitable option for you:
A set of software modules and necessary options specifically for your project

Unlimited license period
A set of software modules and necessary options specifically for your project

Annual subscription renewal
Permanent key
Annual subscription
Can the exact license price be calculated at the system design stage?
Yes! Are you familiar with the situation when adding 100 new signals from the PLC I/O channels, you have to extend your current license for your SCADA system? Or when you did not take into account all the SCADA software parameters during the preliminary budget assessment and, implementing the project, you faced with a lack of tags in the purchased license for the SCADA software. SmartICS has a completely different approach!
The SmartICS license price is calculated based not on the number of I/O signals, which may increase in the future, but on the number of interrogated units, such as PLCs, RTUs, counters or other intelligent interface devices. You will not have to calculate the number of the connected tags at the automation system design stage, at the risk of not taking into account all the necessary tags or paying for extra ones.
If you need to connect more devices, just add the option to connect an additional number of devices. The number of clients and users connected to the server is also unlimited and is not taken into account.

There is also no paid developer license, which makes SmartICS a beneficial option.

All you need to know is the number of connected devices. SmartICS license is calculated based on connected devices to the server. 
Classic SCADA softwares
1 license per each workstation
One single license without limitation on the number of workstations, tags and users
License and price depend on the number of tags
Let’s compare?
Number of connected devices
Web access for remote users
Developer license
(development environment)
Web server license and additional licenses per each user
As a rule, a paid license is purchased separately
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