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The result of our 20-year experience in system integration is SmartICS – the first "builder" for top level visualization of industrial automation systems.
For a quarter of a century, we have been helping companies around the world provide seamless dispatch radio communications to effectively coordinate and improve employee safety. In the two decades since we opened the automated process control system, we have implemented numerous industrial automation projects in the oil and gas, energy, chemical and petrochemical, mining, heat and water supply, agricultural and other industries. And for 15 years, we have been helping to design communication systems and industrial control systems for businesses, including using building information modeling (BIM) technology.
We are a team of Elcomplus. It is an international IT company, developer and integrator of communication systems, manufacturing automation and industrial IoT.
The web-based software product SmartICS is implemented by the automated interface builder and dashboards. This allows you to create a single information space for creating digital automation systems without coding and scripting using the built-in widget library for monitored parameters, based on Plug & Play technology, and Drag & Drop tool.
The Elcomplus team has been designing and integrating industrial automation systems for 20 years! Developing SmartICS, we have been creating a really user-friendly platform for automating various facilities, that our customers and ourselves needed when implementing system integration projects.

Therefore, we have gathered all our many years of experience in system integration and developed the first "builder" for visualization of the top level of industrial automation systems – SmartICS.
In 2018, we released our solution as an add-on to our other SmartPTT product. SmartPTT is a solution for building dispatch radio communication systems that has been available on the international market for 10 years and is included in the price list of Motorola Solutions.

Now we present our solution as a standalone SmartICS software platform (Smart Industrial Constrol Systems)
years of work
years on the industrial automation market
offices in Russia and the USA
clients worldwide
countries of distribution
Elcomplus in figures
Foundation of Elcomplus
Start of cooperation with Motorola Solution
Start of implementation of industrial automation projects
New product – SmartPTT, radio dispatching software based on MOTOTRBO™
New product "Radius-IP", software and hardware complex for building radio communication systems
Getting Motorola Solutions Platinum partner status in the PartnerEmpower™ program
A new AdapTel product, a device for collecting and transfering telemetry data in DMR, TETRA, and other networks.
New product SmartPTT Express, software for TETRA radio systems on the Dimetra Express platform from Motorola Solutions
Development of a module for controlling remote technological equipment and facilities as a part of SmartPTT software (SmartPTT SCADA)

10 years of SmartPTT, 25 years of Elcomplus

Development of an independent product for solving сhallenges in the field of industrial automation, IIoT and enterprise digitalization – SmartICS
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