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List of the most common questions and answers about SmartICS
General issues
Technical issues
What is the key value of SmartICS?
SmartICS has a special approach to creating automation app projects. The platform is configured without programming and scripting using an automated interface builder and a widget library. With SmartICS, the project development and deployment are performed 3-4 times faster than with classic SCADA softwares.
What are the key features of SmartICS?
SmartICS is based on web technologies in accordance with the HTML5 standard, which means web access to data by default, clean and fast interface. The system can be deployed on various hardware, such as HMI panels. SmartICS also supports data transfer in DMR and TETRA networks. In addition, we apply special licensing principles, which are mentioned below.
Can SmartICS be tried out now?
You can try out the SmartICS demo version in a convenient way:
Through online access to the system installed on our server (the system is installed on our server. You do not need to download and install anything, we will send you login credentials and a link to online access via a web browser)
Get your own demo package (you need to install the program on your computer, but it allows you to test the platform in depth)
You can get access in the demo section
Is it possible to develop an app project without having programming skills?
Yes, it is. SmartICS is configured without programming and scripting using an automated interface builder and a widget library. The Plug & Play technology and the Drag & Drop tool allow you to monitor and control the necessary parameters and equipment status in a few clicks. All tasks related to the implementation of control algorithms can be implemented, for example, at the PLC level.
What licensing scheme does SmartICS use?
There are two types of licenses: subscription and permanent license. The first one implies an annual license renewal, and the second one – a one-time purchase, and in neither case, there is a limit on the number of tags and clients. For more details on licensing features, see the "How to buy" section.
Is SmartICS a Russian software?
Yes, SmartICS is currently being registered for inclusion in the list of Russian software.
I am a hardware manufacturer. How do I get an OEM partnership?
The SmartICS platform, as well as derivative solutions, allow for rebranding and redistricting. Please contact our sales department to clarify possible cooperation options by phone +7 (3822) 522-511 (multichannel) or by e-mail
How can I resolve technical issues if they arise?
SmartICS is fairly easy to understand, using our available tutorials and documentation. However, if questions still remain, our technical support team is always available and glad to answer any of your questions by phone +7 (3822) 522-511 (multichannel) or by e-mail
Are there mobile apps for working with SmartICS?
The mobile app is under development and will soon be available for download on Android.
If SCADA is already deployed in the company's existing automated process control system, can it be integrated with SmartICS for web access to data or for other purposes?
SmartICS can be easily integrated with various automation systems that already exist in the enterprise. This allows you to quickly organize web access to data or create a web portal with individual dashboards for specialists of a particular service. For more information, see the "Project" section.
What data exchange protocols are implemented in SmartICS?
Currently, industrial data transfer protocols are implemented: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, OPC UA Client, as well as a driver for data transfer over DMR and TETRA - Adaptel radio networks. If necessary, it is possible to provide data transfer over other protocols using OPC technology, and we are also ready to consider creating the necessary protocol for your project.
Can I eventually expand my license by the number of devices or channels?
All SmartICS licenses assume an unlimited number of tags and connected devices, so you can increase them over time. The basic license allows you to connect up to 10 devices.
Is it possible to install SmartICS on Linux?
SmartICS will soon be available on Linux as well. Currently, the platform runs on Windows and supports various hardware, including HMI panels.
What is the maximum number of devices I can connect to SmartICS?
SmartICS has no restrictions on the number of connected devices. The maximum number may be limited by external factors: hardware performance, communication channel bandwidth, and others.
Does SmartICS have a web interface?
SmartICS was originally designed on the basis of web technologies. Therefore, the data is accessed by default via a web browser.
Can I deploy a SmartICS server on a virtual machine, for example, on VMware?
Yes, of course. You can install the SmartICS server on a virtual machine.
Can I install SmartICS on HMI panels?
SmartICS provides high stability and speed of operation also on HMI panels, providing users with effective tools for managing and analyzing data.
In terms of information security, how secure are SmartICS-based systems?
The overall security of automated control systems depends on many factors. SmartICS uses the https protocol to ensure secure data transfer in accordance with the TLS standard.
If this is not enough, we are always glad to provide you with technical support. You do not need to buy maintenance and technical support separately, since they are included in the license price.
Our technical support team is always available and glad to answer any of your questions by phone +7 (3822) 522-511 (multichannel) or by e-mail
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