SmartICS 3.2: pop-ups, string data support, and SNMP protocol

The new version of the SCADA/IoT platform SmartICS is available for download on the website. In the release, we added features that increase the speed of system setup and response to emergencies.


In the new release, we have added the ability to create pop-up windows. Additional windows open over the current dashboard are configured like regular dashboards.
The function allows to quickly configure additional information for typical objects thanks to the way of signal binding. When created, the pop-up window is filled with widgets bound with tag names. The pop-up button, in turn, is bound with a specific device and its tags. When a window is opened, device tags with the specified names are connected with widgets.

String data support

String data allows users to interact with text messages: transmit equipment status data, assign tasks to employees, and leave comments on completed actions.

Built-in SNMP protocol

The SNMP protocol is used to connect to network equipment, computers, and network infrastructure.
The protocol allows continuous monitoring of the network devices' performance due to the built-in SNMP traps. They quickly notify the system administrator about any device failure, providing a quick response to the faults.


Operational event log. In the release 3.2, we redesigned the operational event log to make it more convenient to use. There is now summary information about the number of accidents of different levels, the ability to acknowledge accidents through the event log, and filter and search for current accidents without leaving the dashboards. All this increases the speed of reaction to emergencies.
The client's OPC UA. In the new release, we have increased the security of the connection to the OPC server, supporting an encrypted connection (different methods, certificates, and authorization via login\password). The update includes support for connecting to tags by addresses in the OPC server and automatic reading of the list and tree of tags on the OPC server. Note: Starting from the release 3.2, the OPC UA protocol is licensed by tags.

A video review of the release is available on our YouTube channel.
Try all the features of SmartICS 3.2 by leaving a request for a demo version of the solution.

If you have a project that requires the use of a monitoring system, you can leave a request. We will analyze the possibility of using SmartICS to solve your problems and calculate the preliminary cost of the license.