SmartICS Release 2.2

Unified user interface for all settings. Adding similar devices is even easier and faster.

We are glad to present the updated version of SmartICS 2.2 with a unified interface used to connect devices, configure communication protocols and display data. We simplified system deploying and scaling and added the feature to copy the settings of similar devices along with their dashboards.

SmartICS 2.2 is already available for download on request.

Unified user interface for all settings
Now you can perform all the necessary configuration in a unified user-friendly interface. You won`t have to open another window to set up drivers for industrial communication protocols.

This reduces time of device configuration in SmartICS 2.2.

Speeded up configuration of similar devices
Configuration process for a new device can be as simple as copying all settings from a previously added one with a single click. SmartICS 2.2 can use this feature while configuring device connection, data processing and dashboards.

Improvements in communication protocols
In order to scale systems faster, the updated version SmartICS 2.2 has no limitation on the number of connected OPC UA servers. If OPC UA server contains several devices, they will be recognized and you can choose which to add to the system.

Configuring ModBus has become easier thanks to device templates. They define parameter addresses and data types and can be assigned to multiple devices. This feature allows you to connect many devices of the same type much faster than with traditional SCADA and other systems.

Demo devices or how to try SmartICS 2.2
If you have no real devices for testing but want to try SmartICS and visualize information, you can benefit from the SmartICS demo version opportunities. Customize user panel, add visual process graphics and widgets, and change frequency of data updates.

About SmartICS
SmartICS is a flexible and universal SCADA/IIoT software platform for building professional automation and industrial IoT systems. It can be configured without coding and scripting using the library of native widgets.

SmartICS Advantages
●       Deployment, configuration and implementation is performed 3-4 times faster than with classic SCADA
●       Learning to use SmartICS in 1-2 days
●       Configuration without separate development environment
●       Online access to data via a popular web browser, web portal deployment
●       One single license without limitation on the number of workstations, tags and users
●       Classic visual process graphics and widgets for system visualization

SmartICS is used for industrial automation (SCADA, Telemetry, Industrial Control Systems), building management systems, industrial Internet of things (IIoT), and manufacturing digitalization (Smart Factory).

You can find out more information about SmartICS software platform on our product page.