Improving efficiency with the CNG Network based on SmartICS

CNG Servicing
cost reduction



Equipment repairing
cost reduction

Less than the cost of implementing a classic SCADA solution
SmartICS for
CNG stations
The main CNG Network goals are to provide trouble-free operation during CNG station life cycle, reduce the total cost of operation and maintenance and improve its efficiency.

CNG Network based on SmartICS allows the managers to get relevant information about the operation of the CNG Network at Control Center, to create comparative analysis and performance evaluation of each CNG station and to plan CNG station maintenance and repairs work.
CNG Network
SmartICS for CNG Network
  • Web access to CNG Station Network parameters for all responsible services
  • Limited extended access to the system
  • A single Control Center with a convenient distribution of monitoring infrastructure on the map
  • Instant alerts by email or in a Telegram group
Available statistical data
  • Gas Supply (hour, shift, day, month, year)
  • Gas Consumption (hour, shift, day, month, year)
  • Number of fillings
  • Average volume
  • Number of refuelings per unit of time in certain periods
  • Number of fillings per shift
  • The volume of waste gas per shift
  • The volume of waste gas before maintenance
  • The volume of waste gas before repair
  • Downtime-losses
  • Energy efficiency
  • Equipment efficiency
  • CNG Stations capacity
SmartICS Interface
Benefits of CNG Network based on SmartICS
Centralized control of all stations, data remote control of CNG Network, gas consumption and CNG operation modes
Ability to plan maintenance based on the condition of the equipment
Reporting on gas loading and consumption, electricity consumption
Increasing the reliability of equipment operation
Reducing gas losses through the use of modern methods for consumption measuring
Cost reduction due to visual and sound notification about malfunction or emergency on stations
No-code solution to scale up the system very easy, without involving a highly paid specialist
Increasing operator efficiency, speeding up operator response and reducing lost profits from equipment downtime
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