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SmartICS for
Data Center
Data centers as physical locations of expensive computers and networking equipment are extremely sensitive to environmental influences. A temperature rise can cause overheating and even complete failure of servers. On the other hand, overcooling during "off-peak" leads to the waste of electricity and unnecessary expenses.
The incorrect humidity level can cause problems in both cases if it is too low or too high. When it is low, servers and other computer equipment are susceptible to electrostatic discharge which can cause damage to sensitive components. When it is high, water condensation can occur. This can lead to hardware corrosion and equipment failure.
Data centers are huge consumers of energy that must be operational at all times. Power outages or load shedding from the grid can cause serious damage to businesses. Automation is needed to keep a constant power supply and turn the backup generator when the main power source is off.
Moreover, server rooms are premises with a high degree of fire hazard due to possible short-circuiting of electrical components, electronic overheating, or subfloor wiring damage.
Litup Network, Jakarta
SmartICS local Indonesian partner PT. Kamiko Cipta Solusi has identified a local Data Center as a possible client with a certain need to supply a certain modern solution for its needs and requirements. The partner has chosen SmartICS as the most suitable and efficient software solution to go along with the offered hardware installation proposal.
System Structure:
  • 1 PLC to read 18 Power meters
  • 4 Temp & Hum Sensor
  • Fire Alarm
  • Air Conditioning
  • 3 thermostats
  • Maintaining optimal server room temperature and humidity
  • Keeping a constant power supply
  • Balancing the power according to the requirements of different areas
of the facility
  • Preventing excessive equipment heat
  • Avoiding electricity waste
  • Preventing fire
  • Providing personnel safety and data security
SmartICS Interface
Solution Advantages:

SmartICS allows users to easily create the display of the system:
SmartICS is easier and quicker to deploy and set up than classic SCADA software due to the no need for programmer skills and experience.
Web access allows you to control and configure the system from anywhere.
The image library allows to store and easily use graphic elements, automatically change all used images on all dashboards saving time and reducing the size of the backup, as well as image libraries by the needs.
The widget library of standard widgets allows to create schemes for different tasks without the use of graphic image background.

Monitoring and control of devices in the Data Center and quick response to emergencies.
Reduction of expenses due to the ability of remote system management (all the elements are under control the whole day around).
Reduction of electricity consumption for HVAC.
Easy training of new employees with complete information on the building.
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