Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
hardware restrictions when RTU/PLC or other devices do not have enough physical I/O channels
However, the integration of new devices and data into an existing control system can be difficult for several reasons:
operational reasons, when the technological process simply cannot be stopped to make changes in existing control systems
restrictions on the number of signals from the dispatcher control system
In such situations, IIoT-sensors can be used.
With development and growth, new production sites may appear at enterprises, requirements for industrial automation systems may change, new information analysis tasks may arise. These tasks require additional data acquisition, the installation of new sensors and the organization of new equipment remote control.
Why use IIoT?
What does the market offer?
There are many smart devices and sensors for building IIoT from various vendors on the market. In addition to devices, many manufacturers offer their own software services, usually cloud ones, for obtaining, processing and visualizing the acquired data.
Such cloud services allow you to quickly organize online data acquisition from sensors without building your own IT infrastructure. This often puts the safety of industrial enterprises at risk, especially when you need to not only collect data, but also remote equipment control.
With SmartICS, you can organize a local control center to collect, analyze and display data from IoT sensors directly at the enterprise.

To collect data from IIoT devices, you can use the built-in capabilities and data transfer protocols supported by SmartICS, e.g. OPC UA. A variety of additional software I/O servers or MQTT brokers can be used to integrate data into SmartICS as well. This allows you to remove almost all the restrictions on the technical data exchange with different devices, sensors and IIoT actuators.
What do we offer?
How does it work?
What are the advantages?
SmartICS provides the safe implementation and operation of IIoT solutions, realizing all the advantages and new features of the IIoT concept in your enterprise unrelated to your Internet or cloud service provider.
The use of IIoT solutions and technologies does not require cabling and deploying expensive communication channels and allows you to automate and digitize manufacturing without building a classic complex system using programmable controllers.
SmartICS easily collects, visualizes and analyzes data from IIoT devices. This does not require a shutdown of manufacture and large financial or time costs.