Industrial automation (SCADA, Telemetry, Industrial Control Systems)
Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

Local touch operator panels (HMI-panels)
On the market, there is a huge variety of software and hardware tools for the development of industrial automation systems.

In the process of implementing industrial automation projects, it is necessary to develop your own application software using various tools for each of the system elements:
SCADA software platforms

Web portals for visualization, analytics and remote access to technological data over the enterprise network
The software back-end can be deployed as a service not only on servers and workstations, but also on local operator panels with Windows Embedded OS. This allows you to run the same project locally, in the immediate vicinity of the controlled equipment (for example, on panels with Windows Embedded OS), or implement a single centralized control system, whereby data will be transferred to the local HMI-panel from the system server.
What do we offer?
In addition, it is easy to organize a Web portal (Web server) with SmartICS and provide access to technological data for specialists of various interested enterprise departments (for example, chief power supervision service, metrology service, instrumentation and control service, etc.) from their personal computers without installing additional software.

For more information about this feature, see the project section.
There is no further reason to develop separate applications for the HMI-panel "in place" and for the operator (dispatcher) workstation separately
How does it work?
What are the advantages?
You do not have to spend time and money developing separate applications for deploying locally on panels, for the operator (dispatcher) workstation, for the Web portal and organizing web access.
You will unify your automation systems and easily be able to change and scale the system when adding new control facilities, equipment or sensors. With SmartICS platform, that can be configured without coding, your specialists will no longer need to have the skills to configure and develop application on several different platforms.